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"Willow" Published in The Esthetic Apostle September Issue

September 13, 2018 | The Esthetic Apostle's September Issue is out today, featuring my poem and print "Willow."

The Esthetic Apostle, "a magazine for the creative individual," is an online and print magazine publishing prose, poetry, artwork, and photography. Their September 2018 Issue is the first time they have published my work.

My poem "Willow" started as a song in a dream. "Willow tree by the water rushing by as you stand. Many times you could have broken, but instead you chose to bend..." As I woke and in subsequent weeks I fashioned the song fragments into a poem.

Approaching poetry as both a writer and visual artist, imagery is an important aspect of my work - it opens the space between the lines, triggering richer associations and multitudes of feelings. I consciously combine this approach and my chosen themes in poems such as “Desert Moon” and “Willow.” Natural elements muse on greater human questions: perspective and time and human life are considered from the high vantage point of a celestial body in the former; the choice and consequences of standing up to/for something versus bowing your head and blowing in the wind in the latter.

The poem appears opposite my block print "Willow."


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