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#6 Feet Apart (2020)

A film by Austance Caroline, Conrad Clifton and Lea Wülferth

with music by Derek Muro

Run time: 19:31 minutes

Digital video, color and black and white, 1920 x 1080, stereo,  shot on Canon M50

Safe communication options during a pandemic: texting; using text-to-speech software; using a can phone while standing 6 feet apart; video art.


Over the course of a year Austance and Lea exchanged hundreds of 6-word text messages. Strung out as run-on sentences they are recontextualized in this video. Stream of consciousness? Nonsense poem? A commentary on technology, communication, distance, and friendship? You decide.

Shot by Conrad on Austance's and his Brooklyn rooftop, the film was developed as part of Phase IV, a socially-distanced art show put on by the artists in Bushwick in December 2020.

Berlin Underground Film Festival 2021 | Winner: Best Performance Film

Experimental Forum 2021 | Honorable Mention

Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque 2022 | Gold Award: Best Experimental Short

Selected stills below:

6feetapart Titlephoto laurels.jpeg
Still from #6 Feet Apart film
Still from #6 Feet Apart film
Still from #6 Feet Apart film
Still from #6 Feet Apart film
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