Selected Work

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Collages and Mixed Media, 2018-2020

Collage and mixed media are powerful ways to explore ideas, starting from found (and sometimes created images and words) and reassembling them to tell a new narrative.

Elsewhere / Elsewhen: Duneroom

Photo Art: Elsewhere / Elsewhen, photo art series, 2017-2019

Elsewhere / Elsewhen (debuted at the Brooklyn Museum) explores the relativity of time and space and how we carry places around with us through memory, thoughts, and dreams, and are often elsewhere and “elsewhen” than our physical body’s placement.


Painting, 2009- 2019

From imaginary portraits to abstract landscapes, painting has always been a medium through which my inner worlds and internal processing of external events express themselves, and stories and characters emerge. 

More art coming soon

In the meantime, catch a preview of work in progress on Instagram @L_peregrine.

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