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Poem published by The Closed Eye Open

December 1, 2020 | My poem "Pacific Ocean" made its online debut today on the wonderfully curated page of short form writing, Maya's Micros, part of The Closed Eye Open.

I wrote the poem based on a happy and sad night spent with friends in Southern California. The Closed Eye Open describes our questions about consciousness as being concerned sometimes with the grand cosmic scale, other times with the human condition, or more personal and practical concerns. For me it is all of that. This poem is about distance and longing, both physical and metaphysical. About love and loneliness. And the vastness of an ocean compared to us little humans.

You can read my poem (along with a beautiful selection of pieces by Diana Arnold, Larry Lines, Fay L. Loomis, Brad Rose and Ron Louie) here:

The Closed Eye Open is an art and literature website interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to consciousness edited by Daniel A. Morgan, Maya Highland and Aaron Lelito. I highly recommend losing yourself in "visionary, mystical & psychedelic experiences" through the art, fiction, poetry and non-fiction they publish.


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