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About Me

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Artist Statement

I explore themes of freedom, identity, memory, and truth(s) on a personal and socio-political level across different media. I believe artists perform valuable roles in society by opening doors to other worlds, by engaging with difficult topics and shining a light on them, by provoking ideas and debates, and by building communities of creativity and mutual support.

As an art major in school I focused on figurative drawing and painting. More recently I have been experimenting with photography, film, printmaking and mixed media, often incorporating words into my work and pushing toward surrealism and abstraction. 


I've been shaped by living in - or between - two different cultures, having grown up "half American, half German." (I am still working on converting the "half"s to "both".) In addition to searching for my own center and grappling with different parts of my history and identity, I like looking at other stories and issues from different perspectives. This also means dealing with the complexities of holding different things to be true at the same time. For instance, the personal and political, my own identity and history collide in Ruined (2018), a collage of archival images of destruction from WWII. I was motivated by the thought that it was the coincidence of birth that drafted my grandfathers into different armies. It is also significant that I made this work at a time when Germany and the United States take very different stances on war, immigration, and solidarity than they did in the 1940s.

This multi-faceted approach has also drawn me toward experimenting with different media and working on series of works around a specific topic or process to investigate its different aspects and thereby get closer to a truth. My series Made With American Cotton (2020) explores our relationships with white supremacy, white womanhood, the racial wealth gap and the police state through collage and assemblage of found objects like broken police barricades and fabric scraps. This topic is too vast and complicated to be dealt with in a single piece. The exploratory process is also crucial as I am learning about American history and our current systems of oppression, and my role within them.


Even in times of "social distancing" working in dialogue with other artists and community members is a focus of my practice. Recent examples include collaborations like my video art with composer and sound artist Derek Muro (e.g. the 2020 Deanna Tulley Multimedia Contest-winning Pursuit of Sadness) and group shows with Austance Caroline and Conrad Clifton (e.g. Phase IV in December 2020, Outlook Hazy in May 2022).


Born and raised in Germany, I have been living in Brooklyn, NY since 2009, writing and making art under my own name and the pseudonym L Peregrine.


I was named Author of the Month by Spillwords Press in December 2017 and have published poems and artwork in Chaleur Magazine, The Esthetic Apostle, Watershed ReviewHigh Shelf Press, and more. My paintings and mixed media art have been exhibited at the A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn Museum, The Living Gallery and Pratt Institute, among other places.


I am a managing member of Bed-Stuy art studio and collective Maison Depot. As a partner and Executive Producer at music and audio production company YouTooCanWoo, I aim to cultivate a supportive environment for unique creative voices and find connections between different forms of expression. In 2017, I opened the YouTooCanWoo gallery to provide opportunities to showcase and engage with the amazing visual artistic talent in our community and create immersive experiences. I have since also curated shows in other spaces.

I graduated with master’s degrees from the University of Oxford, England, and the Sorbonne in Paris, France.



1993 - 2001

2001 - 2004

2004 - 2005

2016 - 

Görres Gymnasium - Abitur - Majors: Art, English

University of Oxford - Master (Oxon)

Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - DEA

Art classes at The Art Students League of New York, Brooklyn Museum, School of Visual Arts, Trestle Gallery

Exhibitions  and Events

Portrait with Made with american cotton











Drawing Democracies (group exhibition), Pratt Institute

Painting Rebellion (Gallery/Studio Program group exhibition), Brooklyn Museum

You Too Can Woo (group exhibition), YouTooCanWoo Gallery

Photography as Proof (Gallery/Studio Program group exhibition), Brooklyn Museum

Scale Invariance, Nick Saia, Dante and Zucker (live painting), Spectrum

All For A Few Good Waves (group exhibition), YouTooCanWoo Gallery

Printmaking Resistance (Gallery/Studio Program group exhibition), Brooklyn Museum

Introductions (group exhibition, online), Trestle Gallery

7 Year Anniversary Exhibition (group exhibition), The Living Gallery BK

Painting: Politics, Identity, and Disability, (Gallery/Studio Program group exhibition), Brooklyn Museum

2019 Group show at YouTooCanWoo Gallery

Curation of Austance Caroline Solo Exhibition, 69 Art Exhibit, NYC

Fe*Mail*Art: 2020 Post Card Exhibition (group exhibition), A.I.R. Gallery

Phase IV (joint exhibition with Austance Caroline and Conrad Clifton), Gymnopedie, Brooklyn

Bushwick Open Studios 2021, vega collective, Brooklyn

Outlook Hazy, presented by ROARK at Roulston House Gowanus, Brooklyn

Bushwick Open Studios Mixer, Arts in Bushwick Hub, Brooklyn

Bushwick Open Studios 2022, vega collective, Brooklyn

May Day Labyrinth #beltaneinthebrain (live performance), Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 3

Maison Depot Presents Open Studios at 544 Park, Brooklyn

Maison Depot Presents Open Studios at 544 Park, Brooklyn

Artist Residency at Yellow Cube Gallery x La Supérette de Quotidien, Paris, France

Publications & Awards








"Winter" (poem and photograph), Spillwords Press

"Desert Moon" (poem and painting), Spillwords Press

Spillwords Press Author of the Month December 2017

"Willow" (poem and print), The Esthetic Apostle September 2018 Issue

"Unfinished Love Affairs With Places I've Never Been" (photo series) Chaleur Magazine Summer 2018 Issue

“Starriver” and “Duneroom” (photo art), JuxtaProse Literary Magazine Volume 17

"Path" (photo art) and “Outpouring” (collage), DreamPop Journal

"Ruined" (collage), Silver Needle Press Fall 2018 Issue

“Nightlight” and “Now Past” (photo art), JuxtaProse Literary Magazine Volume 18

"In Flight" (photo art), JuxtaProse Literary Magazine Volume 19

"Matter," "Imagine Something Other Than A Cage," "Free Bed Stuy," "Flow" and "Kristallnacht"  (mixed media), Watershed Review Spring 2019

"Seers" (collage), Stereohype 2019 B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Series

"Made With American Cotton I" and "Seers" (collages) and interview, Marietta Magazine Vol. 3

"Pacific Ocean" (poem), The Closed Eye Open - Maya's Micros December 2020

"The Pursuit of Sadness" (video art, collaboration with Derek Muro), Deanna Tulley Multimedia Contest Winner Second Place, Slippery Elm Literary Journal

"Matter," "Seers," Made With American Cotton I" and "Flow" (collages), High Shelf Press Issue XXV

"The Pursuit of Sadness" (video art, collaboration with Derek Muro), The Woven Tale Press

"#6 Feet Apart" (video art, collaboration with Austance Caroline and Conrad Clifton), Experimental Forum Honorable Mention

"#6 Feet Apart" (video art, collaboration with Austance Caroline and Conrad Clifton), Winner Best Performance Film, Berlin Underground Film Festival

"Pursuit of Sadness" (video art, collaboration with Derek Muro), Official Selection, Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

"#6 Feet Apart" and "Pursuit of Sadness", Winners 'Best Experimental Short', Gold and Platinum Awards, Mindfield Film Festival, Albuquerque

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