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Watershed Review Publishes Mixed Media Art

Updated: May 22, 2019

May 9, 2019 | One of the nation's oldest student-edited literary magazines. Watershed Review, selected multiple mixed media artworks for publication in their Spring 2019 Issue.

This year I have been expanding my portfolio of collage and mixed media work, both independently and under the tutelage of Mariano Del Rosario at the Art Students League of New York. I am thrilled for some of these works to find their debut here as I love Watershed Review's curation and presentation of poetry, prose and visual art.

Watershed Review, is one of the oldest continuously published, student-edited literary magazines in the nation. For thirty-five years, it has been the foundation of California State University, Chico’s literary editing and publishing program, publishing as they put it "imaginative works that push past the expected metaphor, that challenge us to engage and question accepted structure." - What an inspiring prompt!

A number of pieces featured in the publication revisit social issues such as mass incarceration, gentrification, and walls and barriers of different kinds. As one, the call remains: "imagine something other than a cage, strive toward freedom, and protect life - not only your own."

Screengrabs from my art in Watershed Review Spring 2019:


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