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Marietta Magazine Vol. 3: Art and Interview

September 3, 2020 | We are nothing without our community. The new issue of Marietta Magazine reminds us of that and finds a way to connect us even when we are physically apart.

Following artist and curator Erica Schreiner's prompt to talk about our experiences during the Covid19 restrictions, fellow artist Austance Caroline and I chatted via video call in May about literal and metaphorical puppies, creative challenges and breakthroughs, and being human. This and more artist interviews and features are now part of a beautiful 114-page black and white publication available for purchase here.

Marietta Magazine, an avant-garde arts periodical, is designed to document and explore experimental video art, performance art, conceptual art, dance, and experimental theatre. Based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Marietta features local and international artists with the philosophy that the artist community is far reaching to anywhere there are artists.

Vol. 3 features artists in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This volume is very unique in that artists are speaking about their experiences during quarantine while it is still happening - interviews in this volume span the months of March through July 2020. Artists include: Rumela Mitra, Lauren Gutierrez, Joe Wakeman, Holly Overton, Jamika Ajalon, Lala Drona, GOODW.Y.N, Erica Schreiner, Tasha Lutek, Sean Spada, Ellen Frank, Nyssa Frank, Natalie Fisk, Mary Negro, Austance Caroline, Lea Wülferth, ToM Zarzecki, Crispin Rosenkranz, Yael Barron, Jack Freedman, Ventiko, Dehlia Ackley. Edited by Erica Schreiner (Analog Cinema).


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