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May Day Labyrinth Performance

Updated: 9 hours ago

May 7, 2023 | A mysterious labyrinth, a secret private/public performance - and a complete first for me, I participated in an immersive outdoor performance in the Pier 3 Labyrinth of Brooklyn Bridge Park this weekend.

Actor/writer/director extraordinaire Merkel invited me, along with a group of other artists and performers, to collaborate on a May Day performance guided by the principle of desire (over desirability).

The character and place I created was The Waystation, a lace and satin “fort” set up in the green area outside of the labyrinth where all guests started their guided journey. While an original composition by Grace Woodard played along with my soundscape of ravens and crows cawing and calling, I sat and wrote messages of encouragement and advice for our labyrinth wanderers. It is what I would desire if I had to embark upon an unknown walk into a labyrinth: a place to rest, to gather my thoughts and to be reminded to not lose sight of myself no matter whom or what I encountered next.

This experience took me well outside of my comfort zone. I typically create art outside of my actual, present, "coincidental" self. I pour myself into my art and there are parts of me embedded; but I decide when it is ready to be shown after the act of creation. If I appear in recognizable human form then it may be as an image of a now-past Lea in a self-portrait or part of a pre-recorded video performance (e.g. #6 Feet Apart). It is entirely different to create a piece of art that surrounds and includes me and that people can experience - and affect - in real time. I'll admit it was challenging and took a lot of energy. But that's what artistic (or more broadly human) journeys are about - wandering through a labyrinth with curiosity and an expanding sense of self. And in my case, my faithful service dog, Josie, who became a magical little raven by my side.


featuring: megan may daalder, Cathy de la Cruz, Luiza Dale, Ashley D'Arcy, Gabriella, Grace Kredell, Jennifer McDermott, Brendan McGowan, Merkel, Kyle Stockburger, Lauren White, Grace Woodard, and Lea Wülferth

April 30th, 2023, from 2-4pm

Pier 3 Labyrinth, Brooklyn Bridge Park

tickets: sliding scale $5-$25. We're using sliding scale ticketing as a tool for economic justice, please pay what you are able. All proceeds will be split evenly between the performers.


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