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Regular Art Contribution to JuxtaProse Literary Magazine

March 6, 2019 | JuxtaProse Literary Magazine's Volume 19 (Spring 2019) is their third issue in a row to feature my artwork, following publication in their 2018 Fall and Winter issues.

A home for poetry, fiction, nonfiction and visual art alike, JuxtaProse Literary Magazine curates beautiful volumes of creative work from Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle nominees, poets laureate, and emerging voices.

For this latest issue they paired my photo art "Elsewhere/Elsewhen - In Flight" with a beautiful, haunting poem by Karen Holman that starts with a dead hummingbird and explores liberation and flight.

Previously, "Nightlight" and "Now Past" found homes next to a short story by Andy Stewart and a non-fiction essay by Patricia Foster in Volume 18.

JuxtaProse Literary Magazine also included two of my photo art pieces from my series "Elsewhere/Elsewhen" in Volume 17 (Fall 2018). They paired "Starriver" and "Duneroom" with poems by Connor Yeck and Michael Lavers respectively.

Read the full issues here:

Screengrabs from my art in JuxtaProse Literary Magazine:


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