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Inclusivity and Art at YouTooCanWoo Gallery

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

August 29, 2019 | My latest curatorial project opened at YouTooCanWoo in Brooklyn on August 28 to a packed room of artists, musicians, curators, friends and supporters and will be on view through the end of the year. This is likely our most inclusive exhibition to date, featuring more women and people of color as well as more different types of art than any of our previous events.

My collage "Seers" and photos from the opening reception

The search for and presentation of new works was immensely inspiring and gratifying. Artworks spanned various mixed media works, paintings and illustrations, sculpture, photography, CGI projections and vhs video by eight different artists. Moreover, two musicians performed at the opening event: Percussionist Alex Beckmann gave a soundbath-inspired acoustic performance while multi-instrumentalist composer Derek Muro (aka Wavebreaker) combined electronic digital and analog sounds and live saxophone into a unique soundscape.

I myself created a new collage, "Seers," specifically for this event and presented a series of three other collages, titled "Matter I-III."

Photos from the opening reception: Alexander Beckmann (top left), Derek Muro with projections by Brian Bowman (top right), Lea Wülferth (bottom)

We created the YouTooCanWoo Gallery three years ago to provide an opportunity to showcase and engage with the amazing visual and multimedia artistic talent in our creative community. This is also a very personal project to me. Ever since I’ve been making more art myself I appreciate opportunities to exhibit and mutually inspire, so it is really exciting to me to have a space I can make available.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

2019 group exhibition on view at the YouTooCanWoo gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Curated by Lea Wülferth

Contributing visual artists: Brian Bowman, Natalie Capannelli, Austance Caroline, Brandon Perdomo, Samshin, Erica Schreiner, Tiff Shi, Lea Wülferth

Music: Alexander Beckmann, Derek Muro


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