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Live painting at Spectrum

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

July 22, 2018 | Tonight I live painted at "Brooklyn bastion of avant-garde sounds" (The New Yorker), Spectrum.

Live painting at Spectrum NYC

Spectrum has established itself as one of New York City's preeminent venues for innovative, experimental, and avant-garde music, presenting over 2,000 concerts on the Lower East Side and, since 2017, in Brooklyn. It is home to a varied community of musicians, painters and multimedia artists, and I love seeing shows there.

Working with acrylic paints on paper, I created half a dozen paintings in correspondence with the musicians' performances. Gabriel Zucker curated a night of exciting music and art, starting off with Nick Saia debuting solo material on guitar, and then accompanying singer Nina Dante on piano. LA- and NY-based performer-composers Ben Finley (bass), Kathryn Shuman (voice), Chris Foss (bassoon), Davy Sumner (synth) and Chris Williams (trumpet) closed out the night performing compositions by members of the ensemble including a new electroacoustic composition called “Scale Invariance.”

This was my first time live painting, but definitely not my last!


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