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Bushwick Open Studios 2021 at Vega Collective

September 19, 2021 | Where does art come from before it reaches a gallery, a museum, a collector's wall? Go behind the scenes with us. We opened up our art studio to the public for an entire weekend, along with dozens of other Brooklyn artists.

Organized by Arts In Bushwick, the first Bushwick Open Studios was held in October 2006 as a one day “open to all” festival celebrating the creativity of the artists in Bushwick. It has expanded since to include more artists, studios, and galleries - as well as film screenings, mural projects, and more.

While we are technically located in Bed-Stuy, 2021 is the second year Vega Collective participated in this community tradition.

I showed new work created in 2020 and 2021 and a few older pieces that fit into my artistic focus on abolition work and activist art.

Thank you for coming by!

Participating Vega artists: Lea Wülferth, Rachel Chicaguala, Lindsay Iredale, Skye Asta Devine Schirmer, Sam Sundius, Lynn-Marie Veverka and Kelly Zutrau

Vega Collective was founded by Rachel Chicaguala and Skye Asta Devine Schirmer to keep affordable studio space alive and well. The studio space at 544 Park Avenue, #437 in Brooklyn is currently home to seven resident artists and many collaborators.

Arts In Bushwick is a visual and performing arts platform prioritizing visibility, resources and support to Bushwick artists and Brooklyn-native artists of color from all mediums of visual art, music, and performing arts. Our responsibility is to respect the cultural relevance and diversity of our community, and hold ourselves accountable while maintaining social responsibility for our impact in the neighborhoods we serve.


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