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"All For A Few Good Waves" Exhibition at YouTooCanWoo Gallery

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

August 22, 2018 | I am so pleased to announce a new exhibition at YouTooCanWoo in Brooklyn that I curated. The show takes its theme from the recently released original score All For A Few Good Waves, an ambient, minimalist album composed by Derek Muro, David Perlick-Molinari and Zach Abramson.

Select works and an excerpt from the music performed live at the opening reception

Ten artists exhibit photographs, paintings, illustrations, prints and projections inspired by the documentary David Carson: All For A Few Good Waves directed by Dan Covert and Andre Andreev and the musical score, by the beach, waves, and motion, and by the broader idea of all that we do for “a few good [insert what you care about].” Inspired by the music and topic, I created two mixed media collages within my series A WOMAN’S WORK / WE REAP WHAT WE SEW ("All For A Few Good Waves" and "Freischwimmer") as well as a painting, "Coastline," specifically for this exhibition.

Photos from the opening reception (clockwise from top left):

"Freischwimmer" by Lea Wülferth | Lea giving a speech in front of "Coastline" | Zach Abramson,

David Perlick-Molinari and Derek Muro performing music from the score | gallery guests

Now in its second year, the YouTooCanWoo gallery provides opportunities to showcase and engage with the amazing visual artistic talent in our creative community and create immersive experiences.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

"All For A Few Good Waves" on view at the YouTooCanWoo gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Curated by Lea Wülferth

Contributing visual artists: Andre Andreev, Mia Berg, Brian Bowman, Atiya Jones, MJ Kroeger, Jorge Peschiera, David Stone, Zaza Weissgerber, Lea Wülferth, Marcin Zeglinski

Music: Zach Abramson, Derek Muro, David Perlick-Molinari


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